Liknar haiku, men kan vara lite ”med glimten i ögat”

Similar to haiku, but a little more humorstic.

I have a story to tell. From my one-time visit to Singapore

Singapore, I said

to the British ladies 

wants no chewing gums

The ladies refused

the sunscreen I offered

and my advice

their faces got red

as boiled lobsters

still chewing mint

I went away

in a fog of mint

a typical Swede

Haiku – A hint

What is a haiku? A lot, but first this:

”The essence of poetry lies in the diligence of fragrance of flower, simplicity of flow of river, gentleness of the trees and calmness of the shadow. Brevity is the beauty of expression. In this sense, haiku, a minimalistic art ”


I have got enough of darkness – but still …