Examples of Good Haiku

Of course, I forgot the most important: Haiku is an art, not a science.You may be able to make it  into a sience by analyzing various haiku. That’s what I tried. That is like taking all the petals from a flower to see where the beauty lies. Also, I forgot that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. I am the viewer. I am to blame if I don’t see the beauty. 

So, after having read some of the Penguin Book of Haiku, I can say that a good Haiku is up the the reader, although not whatever can be called a Haiku.

Let me only give some good examples of haiku. Good, because they have been published. There is a procedure that guarantees quality in publication.  I have chosen some haiku written by Alan Summers, for several reasons:

– He is well known  in the Haiku society

– He has taught Haiku for a long time

– He is still humble enough to say:” I am learning.”

The examples come here:

why didn’t I

the blue in her eyes

cutting string

Alan Summers. Publication credit:  Sonic Boom, Issue Thirteen 2018



smooth coins

how we slip away

into blue velvet

Alan Summers  

The Haiku Foundation HAIKU DIALOGUE – a smooth coin 

ed. Craig Kittner (February 2019)

4 reaktioner på ”Examples of Good Haiku”

  1. I particularly enjoyed the second one I could just imagine pennies be a ING dropped into a blue velvet bag

  2. A good haiku to me is always the one you keep coming back.
    Often good haiku get rejected only because the publisher looking for something else or has his /hers personal liking. Just because your ku been rejected doesn’t mean it’s not good . Submit elsewhere and establish good relationship with a publisher
    Haiku like gardening lots of patience and attendance.
    I’m glad you continue your haiku journey.And yes we are all still learning.
    Thank you for good examples of the haiku. I enjoy second one simply because I can relate to it.

    1. You are totally right! Although I have not yet tried any haiku for publication, I know that it doesn’t suffice for a haiku to be”good” for it to be published.But why shouldwe publish? Isn’t it enough to write, and to enjoy the haiku offered in all the haiku groups that exist?

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